With the right care, quality leather can last for you to enjoy for many years. But over time, you may notice that your precious leather begins to fade, look worn, or appear dated and shabby. You spent a lot of time and money to get just the right leather to suit your style – don’t settle for less than the best when you need mobile leather cleaning and care. At Leather Repairs Dumfries, we have what it takes to lengthen the life of your leather.


Your leather takes a lot of use and abuse. Each time you sit down on leather seats, you can cause scuffs, scratches and wear, while dirt, hair and body oils can find their way deep into your leather’s pores. If your leather has lost some of the beauty and shine you love so much when it was new, call Leather Repairs Dumfries for mobile leather cleaning and care to renew, restore and protect it.

Shopping for new leather may seem like the only choice when your leather starts to show signs of aging. But buying a new leather sofa or chair can be a costly prospect. Before you throw out tired and dated leather, call the mobile leather cleaning team at Leather Repairs Dumfries. We’ll visit your home or office to provide the cleaning and care your leather needs.

Our mobile leather cleaning service begins with light pre-cleaning to remove surface dirt and dust that can damage the finish on your leather. We follow that with our expert deep cleaning treatment. We’ll go deep into your leather to remove built up dirt and stubborn stains. If needed, we’ll follow cleaning with treatments to address fading colour or worn finish.

You don’t have to live with less than perfect leather in your home, car or office. When your leather starts to show signs of aging, call Leather Repairs Dumfries to put things right. Our mobile leather cleaning team will come right to your home or workplace to bring new life to your tired leather. Call today to book your service or request a free quote.