When you chose leather for your sofas, chairs, car or boat seats, jacket, boots or bag, you knew it would add beauty and style to your life. What you may not have known is that leather has long been prized for its strength. With the right care, good leather can last you a lifetime, and that kind of value never goes out of style. Protect and maintain your precious leather to ensure you can enjoy it for years to come – the on-site leather repairs experts at Leather Repairs Dumfries are here to help.


No matter how careful you are to protect your leather from mishaps and keep it clean, over time it may begin to lose some of its beauty and shine. Dirt, hair and body oils can build up deep in leather’s pores while sunlight and daily use can damage colour and finish. If your leather has seen better days, call Leather Repairs Dumfries for on-site leather repairs and care to put things right.

How will you deal with less than perfect leather? DIY leather repairs kits may promise a cheap fix, but without the right skills and tools, you may achieve less than perfect results. Will you lug your leather to a shop and wait around for repairs to be done? Start shopping for new? Why not call Leather Repairs Dumfries? Our on-site leather repairs service will save your money and your leather.

No job is too big or too small for the team at Leather Repairs Dumfries. Call us for on-site leather repairs at the first sign of damage on your precious leather. We’ll come to you for any job – from the smallest scuffs and stains to major restoration projects. When we catch damage early, we can prevent it from spreading and save you costly repairs in the future.

Let Leather Repairs Dumfries show your leather the love it deserves. Whether you’ve got brand new leather you’d like to keep in showroom condition, or an older piece that you’d like to restore to its former glory, our on-site leather repairs team is at your service. You’ll like our mobile service and great prices, and you’ll love what we can do for your leather. Call now to book or get a free quote.