Whether you’ve got a sleek, modern leather sofa adding drama to your office or an heirloom antique bringing beauty to your home, your leather sofa is the focal point of your decor. Now that you’ve found just the right piece to complete your space, you want to ensure it will last. At Leather Repairs Dumfries, know you love your leather. That’s why we offer expert leather sofa repairs to help you maintain the decor you’ve worked so hard to perfect.


Sofas are one of the most used pieces of furniture we own. Yours likely takes a lot of use and abuse each day. Whether you sit on it, sleep on it, play, work or eat on it, over time it may begin to show signs of wear or be damaged by a mishap. You don’t have to live with damaged or worn leather on your sofa. Call Leather Repairs Dumfries for expert leather sofa repairs right in your home or office.

Many people believe that shopping for a new sofa is the simplest option when their leather sofa is damaged or starts to wear. After all, DIY repairs can be hard to complete without the right skills and tools and there is no easy way to transport a sofa to a shop for repairs. Let Leather Repairs Dumfries save your money and your leather. Our on-site expert leather sofa repairs service makes it easy.

Think the damage on your sofa is too big or too small for our team to handle? At Leather Repairs Dumfries, we’ll come to you for any leather sofa repairs – from the smallest scuffs to major rips, tears and burn marks. Our expert leather sofa repairs team can also go beyond the surface of your leather. Count on us address sagging cushions, worn springs and frames or loose stitching.

Let Leather Repairs Dumfries keep you sitting in style with expert leather sofa repairs carried out right in your home or office. When you book a service for your sofa, our craftsmen will visit you to assess the damage to your leather, offer you a free quote and carry out all work on site. Don’t wait a single day – call now and see just how good your leather can look.